Welcome Camp "Solnishko 2012" website


Every day there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of people at Burning Man who are burning to tell someone “their story”: perhaps it is something that just has happened at Burning Man, perhaps it is a long-forgotten memory from the past or maybe it is something that has occurred to the person as a part of the unique Burning Man experience.

Unfortunately, most of these stories remain untold. People leave Burning Man, get back to their lives and forget them all along. Like grains of sand these stories slip through the fingers and are lost forever.

The “Solnishko 2012” camp presents a unique concept how to record these stories and preserve them for the new generations of Burners to come. "Solnishko 2012" camp is a place where strangers can join in and contribute at any moment - tell or record a story, conduct an interview, make tea, coffee or smoothie, etc.


                 Come and join "Solnishko 2012" camp!

                   See you all at Burning Man 2012!